22 October 14

Penguin 3.0 Officially Released

Last Friday, October 17th, Google officially updated their Penguin algorithm by releasing version 3.0.  Google verified that this was a worldwide updated, and impacted all versions of Google.  As with previous updates of Penguin, the impact affected less than 1% of queries and will rollout over the next few weeks. As a refresher, the Penguin […]

22 October 14
Googkle vs Bing secure website protocol

Website Protocols: A Tale of Two Search Engines

Recently, Google announced it would be using https as another ranking signal in the organic world, and even more recently than that Bing announced that it would NOT consider the protocol as a ranking factor. Why is there a discrepancy and is this a case of these two engines wanting to distinguish themselves from one another? First, what is […]

17 October 14

Facebook Launches New Ad Service: Local Awareness

Facebook has recently launched a new advertising service called Local Awareness. With Local Awareness ads, brands can now target a custom demographic of users that are within a set radius of any store location. Local Awareness ads can by accessed through the Ads Create tool on the platform. Once a retailer has accessed the Ads Create tool, they must […]

17 October 14

Apple Launches iAd Retargeting to Bypass the Mobile Cookie Dilemma

In 2010, Apple launched advertising across their App Network, powered by data collected from 600 million iTunes accounts that can’t be found anywhere else. Now, the tech industry leader is debuting its ability to retarget ads based on users’ in-app browsing behaviors. For iOS, the largest hurdle has been the mobile cookie problem (they just […]

9 October 14
Holiday-Shopping-Online (1)

Top SEM Tips for Retailers this Holiday Season

Online shoppers are flexing their holiday buying power earlier than ever. Google projects almost 30% of online shoppers this year will start purchasing their holiday gifts before Halloween, and with heightened mobile usage, internet retailers can expect to see search significantly increase from Q4 2013. As we approach this fall season, it is vital to […]

3 October 14

Facebook Advances Cross Device Targeting With Atlas Relaunch

After purchasing the Atlas ad server from Microsoft more than a year ago, Facebook has relaunched the outdated ad server with an interface overhaul among other things. However, the primary focus of the relaunch is not so much in the improved UI but rather its promise in cross-device tracking. Atlas is able to approximate users […]

24 September 14

Bing Ads Improve Location Targeting

One factor that plays a tremendous role in advertising campaigns is an advertiser’s ability to target the right audience, and Bing is well aware of that. Because targeting is so vital, Bing is always looking for ways to make improvements to help its users achieve their business goals. The company recently made a number of different […]

23 September 14

Google’s John Mueller Penguin 3.0 Update and Algorithm Refresh

Over the past few weeks, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller has been actively discussing: The Imminent Penguin Update The Ability of Sites to Recover from Ranking Penalties An Effort to Make Google Algorithm Refreshes Roll Out Quicker Each announcement contains useful information, but when you look at them all together, it appears that Google […]

23 September 14

Twitter Releases Update to Tailored Audiences

Twitter has announced an update to tailored audiences, the platform’s remarketing tool, making it easier for advertisers to upload audience lists, reach mobile users, and find new customers through advanced targeting.  In addition to uploading CRM databases or using Twitter’s API to create a tailored audience, advertisers are now able to upload mobile phone numbers […]