28 July 14
facebook mobile

Mobile Users Who Engage With Brands Use Facebook Most

A new Forrester study reveals that people that utilize social networking sites are far more likely to engage (defined as reading, liking or sharing content) with brand’s than desktop users. Among these users, it’s not surprising that the world’s largest social network – Facebook – was the top destination in terms of time spent (an […]

24 July 14

Facebook Launches Save

Facebook recently launched a new feature called Save, which serves as a basic competitor to the bookmarking tool, Pocket. Compatible with iOS, Android, and web, Save allows users to compile links from the News Feed and Facebook Pages surrounding Places, Events, movies, TV shows, and music into a list for later viewing. Users can bookmark […]

24 July 14

Google Webmaster Tools: New robots.txt Tester Tool

Google Webmaster Tools has added a new robots.txt testing tool to the Crawl section of the dashboard. The update will allow users to see errors in their site’s robots.txt file by: Highlighting errors that could be causing Google not to crawl pages on a website Allowing the Webmaster to edit & test URLs to see […]

17 July 14

Facebook Buys LiveRail to Grow Video Ad Business

Facebook just acquired video ad platform LiveRail, which delivers video content across their premium network of sites for companies such as Univision, MLB, and A+E network. Given the growing demand for video inventory, Facebook is certainly at the forefront of adapting to industry trends, especially as the competition for video ad dollars in the digital […]

17 July 14
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A Simpler Way to Manage Your Business Locations in AdWords

Google has introduced an update to their Location Extension for businesses. Their internal research has shown that up to 50% of consumers visit a store within one day of looking up the relevant information on their phone. The new Location Extension will allow not only campaign level placements, but also account level. The optimization process […]

17 July 14

Google’s Quality Rating Guide Leaked

Google’s latest version of their search quality evaluation guide has once again leaked, giving webmasters more clues into how Google defines quality. The report, dated March 2014, is conducted by Google’s search quality team which are human raters that help rate sites for quality, following guidelines that Google has laid out for them. This new […]

17 July 14

Snapchat Adds Geofilters

Snapchat recently introduced geofilters to its in-app personalization features, allowing users to add special images to snaps based on their location.  Currently available for locations in New York and Los Angeles, these filters can be accessed simply by swiping right on the preview screen after taking a photo.  Depending on where a user is located, a […]

10 July 14

Google’s New AdWords Editor Version Offers Shopping Campaigns Support, More Display Targeting Options

Approximately a month before the full transition to Shopping Campaigns, Google has plans to release a newer more “retail-focused” version of AdWords Editor, which supports the updated structure. The new AdWords Editor feature requires the set up of the Shopping Campaign via AdWords to launch. The tool features updates for granular audience targeting, interest categories […]

10 July 14
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Morpheus Partners With Maxymiser

Morpheus is proud to announce Maxymiser as a new addition to our dynamic roster of preferred technology partners. With the addition of Maxymiser, Morpheus now adds multivariate testing, segmentation, behavioral targeting and product recommendations to it’s growing list of client services and capabilities. Maxymiser empowers brands to transform every digital interaction into seamless, relevant and […]

9 July 14

Product Recommendation Techniques That Can Increase Online Sales

There are a number of marketing tactics at site owners’ disposal to increase overall revenue, but few have been as effective as delivering a personalized shopping experience to visitors. Personalized product recommendations have been shown to improve engagement and increase revenue, across a number of ecommerce verticals. Many ecommerce sites use recommendation engines to upsell/cross-sell based […]