Analytics & Insights

As an extension of Createthe Group’s digital media & strategy services, we provide our clients with thoroughly informed recommendations, based on analytics, to improve conversion rates and achieve predefined goals.

Createthe Group’s foundation in data analysis has rendered understanding and integrating analytics into our strategies and reporting an instrumental part of our success-driven culture.

Our service offering starts out by focusing on a measurement strategy tailored to your business objectives. Following the initial discovery and measurement planning process Createthe Group works hand-in-hand with your development team to assist with ensuring accurate data collection through quality assurance testing. A measurement strategy would not be complete without our ongoing analysis, insights, dashboards and training programs.  While our services can be performed utilizing a variety of analytics platforms, we also have a selection of strategic technology partners that can help our clients achieve their goals.

Key Benefits:

Establish a data-driven culture that can make informed decisions regarding marketing efforts and user experience

  • A measurement strategy that provides insights into the entire ecosystem your business operates within
  • Easy to read dashboards, reports & infographics that give you pertinent information and insights at a glance

Measurement Strategy & Implementation Audit

The measurement strategy provides a comprehensive plan for analytics tagging to ensure all site or app KPIs and data points are properly captured and passed to our clients’ tagging solutions. A primary focus is often put on Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, however, the team has extensive knowledge of other industry leading platforms. Our measurement strategies are typically created around a user-centric model, providing the ability for our clients to look at a single customer view cross-device across the entire ecosystem of your business.

In addition to standard data collection, our measurement strategy is typically focused on the following areas:

  • Custom Metrics & Dimensions
  • User ID
  • Data Import / Dimension Widening
  • Content Groupings
  • Channel Groupings
  • Account Structure

Following our measurement planning and scoping, Createthe Group provides implementation assistance. The team has extensive experience in deploying and debugging tagging solutions utilizing its solid knowledge base of JavaScript, front-end development & tag management platforms. Our measurement strategy process in combination with quality assurance testing ensures that data will be accurate and consistent so you can be confident in your decisions and historical comparisons.

Analysis & Insights

A measurement strategy is not complete unless you harness the data to gain big insights. We discover trends that lead to actionable recommendations in the areas of marketing and site performance. Our analyses focus on attribution, user experience and merchandising utilizing advanced data wrangling and visualization techniques.

We want you to take control of your marketing performance with attribution modeling that provides visibility into the customer journey across channels. We provide clarity into the effects of your marketing efforts at various stages in the customer lifecycle providing you the foundation to make better decisions regarding your marketing mix, and gain the ability to determine lifetime value and retention based metrics. Whether we utilize your standard analytics platform or industry leading tools in fractional attribution, we’ll make sure you’re getting the most out of every marketing dollar.

Merchandising is another key area of our recommendations, and proper insight can lead to significant increases in conversion affecting bottom line revenue. For retailers, our team analyzes navigation, product listing pages, and internal promotions to help you maximize visibility to your strongest performing products. We help you discover seasonality & competitive trends to bring exposure to the right products at the right time.

Providing a great user experience to your visitors is always the goal. Our analyses focus on enhancing your customers experience while focusing on your business goals. We ensure that you’re aligning your marketing efforts with your site by looking at landing pages, navigation and finding barriers in your conversion process.

Createthe Group enhances all of its’ analyses by looking by segmenting data across cohorts. Understanding behavior and performance at granular levels allows for precise targeting capabilities.

Dashboards, Reports & Infographics

As data collection continues to increase in volume, we want to make sure your team is able to get the actionable insight you desire at a glance. Our team can help your company build dashboards and infographics aimed at providing answers for various roles and responsibilities within your organization. Our dashboards help integrate data across multiple sources and schedule reliable delivery of that information to your team.


At Createthe Group, we offer two types of training programs: Workshops & Classroom. Our training sessions are typically focused on ensuring you’re able to get the most out of your analytics platforms. While we are platform agnostic, we have extensive experience in Google Analytics & Adobe Analytics.

Workshops offer a way for your analysts to get intimate with our team. These sessions offer a forum to understand how to get answers to the questions you’re asking.

Classroom style trainings are aimed at educating larger audiences to help your organization build a data-driven culture.

Technology Partners

  • Google Analytics Premium
  • Maxymiser
  • Tealium
  • Nomi