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What's the 'Elevator Pitch' Facebook Ad Strategy?

Use this simple technique to generate high performing Facebook Ads.

What is the Elevator Pitch Ad?

Below is a video explaining a simple technique you can adapt for your brand to generate high performing ads.

Elevator Pitch Ad

The main challenge for many brands is generating high performing & engaging ads quickly.

  • Using the Elevator Pitch Ad strategy as explained in the video above as an example template for your brand.

Must have Elements for a successful Elevator Pitch Ad:

  1. Blend into the feed. Make sure your video is genuine and looks like a regular social media post.
  2. Don't sell. The goal of the Elevator Pitch Ad is to position your brands values.
  3. Be approachable. This ad strategy is less about showing off products, and more about your brand values, your "why". Explain why your companies does what it does, and most importantly, how the customer will benefit from your offering.

We love this ad strategy because it's easy to produce, and it's a perfect piece of homework for any brand. Ask yourself those questions, and answer them in your pitch:

  • How does my audience benefit from my product?
  • Why did we create our product in the first place?
  • What makes us stand out from the competition?
  • What makes us relatable?



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