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Jason Heiber

Founder (Main Muppet)

Jason is the founder of Digital Marketing NYC & Morpheus Media. He is a Google expert speaker, advising various fortune 500 companies around the world on digital strategies & growth marketing. Jason earned his BA in economics from University Basel, Switzerland.

Jason is also a bestselling author of the book Instagram Stories, which has sold over 20’000 copies and is currently rated as the “best online marketing” book. Besides the technical know-how, he has grown multiple companies from the ground up and is leading all Morpheus growth strategies.

With over 10 years of experience running digital strategies for companies and generating well over 250 million in client revenues that resulted in substantial growth for his portfolio companies, you can rest assured that Jason and his team will find the fastest and most efficient way to grow your company profitably.  

Hanwey Shieh

Google Ninja

A PPC expert with over 10 years of experience working in the world of SEM. Hanwey is also a small business owner leading one of his companies into the INC 500 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2013.

Hanwey started his career in account management at various NY advertising agencies which led to a position at LVMH in Brand Management (Paris). Hanwey earned his BA from UC Berkeley and his MBA from London Business School.

Sam Leone

Rising Star, Paid Social

Chased by many heavy weights in the digital marketing space, Morpheus was able to lure Sam into its ecosystem.

Sam spent over 1 million in ad spend profitably before hitting 20 years, which makes him the future of Morpheus Media.

“The only way to learn, is spending your own money that you can't afford to lose”

Mattia Cella

IG Ninja

Mattia Cella grew our company’s Instagram account to 100’000 + followers in less than a year and it is currently managing one of the leading 'Company IG Accounts' within the marketing space. He has cultivated one of the most engaged audiences for any business account. Check out his website here to find out if he still rocks this hair.

Erin Nordhof

Content Procurement

Erin Nordhof is a writer specializing in the creation of digital content, such as blogs and social media posts, along with other web content. Erin's passion is in writing, which benefits all of our clients in their marketing efforts. Erin is also completing her MS in Professional Writing through New York University’s School of Professional Studies, with an anticipated graduation date in 2022.
Her interest in entrepreneurship and small businesses started while she pursued a Bachelors in Business Administration from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her emphasis is in Marketing, and she also completed a Certificate in Entrepreneurial Studies in 2015. At the University of Colorado, she participated in two international study abroad programs, which further developed her interest in entrepreneurship. The first was a three week program in Valencia, Spain where Erin learned about the operations of various companies throughout the country. The second was a six week program in Cape Town, South Africa, where Erin consulted with businesses throughout the nearby townships.

Maximilian Meiss

Paid Social, Europe

Max is from Germany and is leading all paid social accounts within the German market. He has worked within the marketing industry for 10 years where he worked for agencies as a digital marketer, as well as digital marketing manager for various brands. He's exactly what you'd expect from a german, reliable and detail oriented - which is crucial in a data driven environment.

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