Case Studies

Let the numbers do the talking.

As you brows through the case studies, you will understand that we don’t require a “budget”, there is no “expense” as such. We are revenue and profit generators, so the sooner you start working with us, the faster you will get ahead of your competition.

Fashion Brand: Dirts, Germany

How to grow your Fashion Brand.

Find out how we helped this fashion label generate 400% growth with 4X ROI in 2020 and what role the creative asset can play in running ads at peak efficiency.

YOY Growth
Food Brands: One Culture | Diviya | Roaring Fork Spice | Wuju Foods

How to grow your Food / Consumer Brand.

Find out how we helped Consumer Brands generate 1200% growth in online sales with over 3X ROI in 2020.

YOY Growth
E-commerce: Cosma Wellness, New York.

From ZERO to a 1.5 million sales run rate within 3 weeks from launch? Find out how.

Using Google & Social Media Paid ads, we were able to skyrocket the brands sales within just 3 weeks from launch. Find out more by reading this case study if you are looking to start or launch a brand.

Over 100
Daily Sales
Sales Run Rate
Services: New Hope Fertility, New York.

How we 5X'd lead Quality for NHFC in New York

Using Google, Bing & Social Media Paid ads, we were able to increase the number of leads, but most importantly, dramatically increase the quality of leads that then turn into paying clients.

YOY increase in client consultations
YOY increase in completed bookings
Hospitality: Clients In New York

Find out how we help many hospitality clients in New York advertise profitably during hard times.

We help hospitality businesses build a digital strategy that does not depend on expensive 3rd party providers such as Seamless, UberEats, Grubhub and Doordash. Find out how by reading this case study.

Emails & User Data
E-commerce: Mooris, Europe.

How we helped Mooris grow sales with over 20X ROI.

Read this case study to find out how we help luxury e-commerce brands drive profitable sales at scale and how we can take your brand to the next level.

More Revenue Per Year