App Installs: Qatch
October 2020

How to grow App installs and in App purchases.

Learn how we used TikTok Ads to grow our clients user base exponentially.


TikTok Ads | Facebook Ads


TikTok, Facebook, Instagram

Result 1

MoM growth

Result 2

Reduction in cost per download

Project Overview

Newly launched fashion app was looking to:

  • Generate users on their app
  • Scale at a certain CPL level

Read this case study to learn how to grow your app installs and engagement - as well as how to find out which platform can give you the best bang for your buck.


Two things to consider:

  1. What incentive or value prop do you lead with in order to generate app downloads?
  2. At what cost per instal are you able to scale profitably?

Amongst the various options that exist to generate app installs, such as 'Influencer shoutouts, affiliate programs, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Apple search ads, Tiktok ads etc. it's crucial to find the best quality download, at the lowest cost. Especially for brands during the funding stages.

How do you do that? Well, it's simple. TEST.


That's exactly what we did for Qatch.

Using our expertise, we made an educated guess / formed a hypothesis on where we will be able to achieve the best lead at the lowest cost:

  • We started with Facebook & Instagram ads to generate initial benchmaks
  • Once we had enough data, and right around the time theTiktok ads platform started to introduce self serve ads, we decided to put those benchmarks to the test.

In our initial runs, we were able to reduce the cost per lead by 82%.

  • That is such a significant result, that it immediately changes the direction of our efforts and for companies / brands to scale.

Power of testing: "Testing is the most important aspect of ad buying. Form a hypothesis, establish initial benchmarks, and then test against those. You can test within a platform, or test on other platforms and optimize for winners. Traditional 'I know what always worked' mindsets have no place in our approach when helping companies succeed." Jason Heiber



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