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March 2023

How do you find the best traffic mix?

If you are looking to grow efficiently and profitably, understanding how to find the perfect market mix / traffic acquisition is crucial for success. Find out how we evaluate the best traffic sources for our brands.


Google & Social Media Ads


Google, Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram

Result 1

Reduction in CPA

Result 2

Increase in Efficiency

Project Overview

Going into 2023, profitability is top of mind. This case study is ideal for companies that are looking for the most efficient way to grow, profitably.

If you are asking yourself any of the below questions, then this case study is for you:

  • What the best traffic acquisition channel in 2023?
  • How do I allocate my marketing spend efficiently?
  • How do I know which platform will be the most beneficial for my business in driving sales?
  • How can I avoid overspending, or underspending?
  • How can I predict sales over the year?


Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Google? How does one find the most profitable way to grow:

  • In order for you to find the best growth strategy, you need to build a model that takes all traffic into consideration
  • Once you have built that model, you will see what KPI's are tied to which channel sources.

What do you look out for specifically?

  • CPM's across channels
  • CPC's across channels
  • ROAS across channels
  • Contribution value across channels

You really need to dissect all those channels so that you can understand the contribution value across your traffic plan.


And that's exactly what we did. We built a model that allowed us to see the business from a top down perspective

  • In doing so, we were able to correctly allocate the marketing spend
  • Which helped us avoid overspending, hence increase efficiency

Using this data, and taking into consideration historical numbers, we can confidently project out the next 12 months.

  • We decreased overall CPA's by 30%, while increasing efficiency by 35%

Leverage: "Efficiency is leverage in today's digital marketing landscape. If you can operate more efficiently, you can allocate those extra resources more strategically and capture more marketshare." Jason Heiber



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