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April 2022

How we increased leads by 70%, while reducing cost by 38%

Using Google, Bing & Social Media ads, we were able to increase the number of leads, reduce the cost, and most importantly, dramatically increase the quality of leads that turn into paying clients.


Paid Ads & Conversion funnel


Google & Bing Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads

Result 1

Increase in leads

Result 2

Decrease in cost per lead

Project Overview

If you are asking yourself any of the below questions, then this case study is for you:

  • Are you wondering if your current agency is managing your accounts correctly?
  • Are you looking to acquire MORE high quality leads for your business?
  • Confused whether Google or social media ads is the best strategy?

We will dig into the following 2 topics below

  • Ad accounts are often mismanaged, find out what the TOP 4 MISTAKES are.
  • Find out how we create digital conversion funnels via social media that generate top quality leads.

Within weeks of taking over ad accounts, we fix the above two critical elements and are able to reduce the cost, while increasing quality lead flow.

Top 4 Mistakes - Google Ads

Google ads are the bread and butter in the medical space. Watch the video below where we explain the most common mistakes we find when we audit Google Ad Accounts.

TOP 4 Mistakes in Google Ad Accounts

Social Media Conversion Funnel

The problem we often see when taking over new accounts is the lack of faith that social media can generate quality leads:

  • When you are a professional or service based business, the customer conversion path is normally a longer one with a higher price tag.

How do you combat low quality leads via social media ads? How do you design a digital funnel that takes a prospect all the way from unaware, to becoming a lead and ultimately a paying customer?

  • The answer is the quality of your conversion path.
  • We put in the hard work to design a conversion path that generates quality leads at scale. It's starts with tailored video creatives and ends with quality inquires on dedicated landing pages.

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“Amazing experience with Jason and his team. They are absolutely experts in terms of paid social advertising and paid search. They helped us build out amazing landing pages and drove phenomenal results for our brands. Couldn't recommend them more highly. If you want to drive results - go with Jason and the Digital Marketing NYC team.”

Matthew Rosenfeld
Cosma, San Francisco

“Personalized service from experts in the field and spot on performance under pressure. They have been helpful in identifying how to convert business in the digital landscape for financial services.”

Stephen Murphy
CEO Genesis Global, NYC

“Our company has worked with Jason for several months - we've seen amazing results in ads with up to 78x ROAS (even, 100x ROAS, which seems hard to believe but is true). He's knowledgeable about all facets of digital marketing and how they complement each other, e.g TOF, MOF and BOF, including SEO and email, and stays up to date on best practices. Unlike other agencies this team has been truly collaborative and interested in understanding our business on a deep level. Ten stars.”

Elizabeth Grojean
Baloo Living, New York

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